IE 4803-REV: Advanced Manufacturing Systems Modeling and Analysis

Fall 2023
Instructor: Spyros Reveliotis

Course Materials

  1. Course Introduction (PowerPoint Presentation)
  2. G/G/m-based Modeling of Asynchronous Transfer Lines and Applications (PowerPoint slides)
  3. An Example Case Study for the Design of Asynchronous Transfer Lines (PowerPoint Slides)
  4. The excel spreadsheet for the ATL design problem discussed in class (Excel file)
  5. Modeling and Analysis of CONWIP Lines as Closed Queueing Networks (PowerPoint Slides)
  6. Some Introductory Remarks on Operations Scheduling (PowerPoint Presentation)

Homework Assignments

Exam solutions

Sample Exams

  1. Midterm I for 2013 offering (PDF file)
  2. Midterm II for 2013 offering (PDF file)
  3. Midterm I for 2015 offering (PDF file)
  4. Midterm II for 2015 offering (PDF file)
  5. Final Exam for 2015 offering (pdf file)
  6. Midterm I for 2016 offering (PDF file)
  7. Midterm II for 2016 offering (PDF file)
  8. Final Exam for 2016 offering (pdf file)
  9. Midterm I for 2017 offering (pdf file)
  10. Midterm II for 2017 offering (pdf file)
  11. Midterm III for 2017 offering (pdf file)
  12. Midterm I for 2018 offering (PDF file)
  13. Midterm II for 2018 offering (PDF file)
  14. Final Exam for Summer 2019 offering (PDF file)
  15. Midterm I for Fall 2019 (PDF file)
  16. Midterm II for Fall 2019 (PDF file)
  17. Final Exam for Fall 2019 (PDF file)