IE 6201: Manufacturing Systems

Spring 2019
Instructor: Spyros Reveliotis

Course Materials

  1. Course Introduction (PowerPoint Presentation)
  2. An analysis of the newsvendor problem with discrete demand (pdf file)
  3. An investigation on the safety stock efficiency of centralized inventory systems (pdf file)
  4. An Introduction to Manufacturing System Layouts and Flowline Control Mechanisms (PowerPoint Presentation)
  5. Flow Dynamics of Asynchronous Transfer Lines and their modelling through G/G/m queues (PowerPoint Presentation)
  6. The excel spreadsheet for the ATL design problem discussed in class (Excel file)
  7. Flow Dynamics of CONWIP-controlled Lines and a unifying framework for flow line analysis and design (PowerPoint Presentation)
  8. An Excel spreadsheet demonstrating the Mean Value Analysis of CONWIP lines (Excel file)
  9. Introduction to Production Planning (PowerPoint Presentation)
  10. Aggregate Planning (PowerPoint Presentation)
  11. An Introduction to MRP/ERP-based Production Planning and Lean Manufacturing Strategies (PowerPoint Presentation)

Homework and Homework Solutions

  1. Homework 1 (pdf file)
  2. Homework 1 Solutions (pdf file)
  3. Homework 2 (pdf file)
  4. Homework 2 Solutions (pdf file)
  5. Homework 3 (pdf file)
  6. Homework 3 Solutions (pdf file)
  7. Homework 4 (pdf file)
  8. Homework 4 Solutions (pdf file)
  9. A self-study homework on Production Planning (Word file) and its solutions (Word file) -- This homework is posted for completeness but it will not be part of the material to be examined in the final exam. It also provides guidelines on how to access the corresponding material in your textbook.

Littlefield Technology Case Studies

  1. An Overview of the Littlefield Technologies platform (pdf file)
  2. The assignment for Game 1 (pdf file)
  3. The assignment for Game 2 (pdf file)

Sample tests

  1. Midterm I - Spring 2008 (pdf file)
  2. Midterm I - Spring 2014 (pdf file)
  3. Midterm I| - Fall 2011 (pdf file)
  4. Midterm I| - Spring 2013 (pdf file)
  5. Midterm I - Spring 2016 (pdf file)
  6. Midterm II - Spring 2016 (pdf file)
  7. Final Exam - Spring 2016 (pdf file)
  8. Midterm I - Spring 2018 (pdf file)
  9. Final Exam - Spring 2018 (pdf file)

Exam solutions

  1. Midterm I Solutions (pdf file)
  2. Final Exam Solutions (pdf file)