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Bayesian Statistics: Quizzes + Exams + HW

  • Quiz1 (Solved).

  • Quiz2 (Solved).

  • Quiz3 (Solved).

  • Quiz4 (Hints).

  • HW Due Friday 10/8. Jim Albert's home page for the Matlab support and data sets. As a quiz, select your own example (binary responses, a single covariate) and do the Bayes analysis by mimicking arrithmia.m example, which is an application if Val/Jim's (Val Johnson & Jim Albert) matlab code to the data set provided by Matt Wiggins.

  • Take Home Midterm .
  • The file midt3.odc useful for the problem 3. One great thing of teaching at the engineering school is high technical sophistication of the graduate students. Here are 5 solutions to the midterm, one based on R and four based on matlab.
  • Solution by James Delaney based on R.
  • Solution by Abhyuday Mandal based on matlab.
  • Solution by Bugra Gedik based on matlab.
  • Solution by Chengyuan Ma based on matlab.
  • Solution by Tirthinkar DasGupta based on matlab.
  • Quiz 6 was an open ended question on application Ising model. Here is the ANSWER by Thirthinkar DasGupta.

  • Quiz7 and solution by Ni Wang Quiz7Sol

  • Take Home Final .
  • The file mining_acc.dat is the data file for Problem 3. In fact, data needed are binned, as in minedata.m
  • Solution by Bugra Gedik.
  • Solution by Ni Wang.
  • Solution by Hongmei Chen.
  • Solution by Jinyu Li.
  • Solution by Chengyuan Ma.
  • Solution by Jing Hung.

  • Last Updated: December 3, 2004.
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