1. Introduction to Mixed Integer Programs and Cutting Planes
  2. Introduction to Cutting Plane Theory I ([video]) and II ([video])

Cutting Planes from Group Relaxation of MILPs

  1. Introduction to Extreme Inequalities for Group Relaxation
  2. Discontinuous Extreme Inequalities
  3. Some Facets of Two-dimensional Infinite Group Problem
  4. Sequential-Merge Inequalities
  5. Trivial Lifting of Facets from Continuous Group Problem to Mixed Integer Group Problem
  6. Extreme Inequalities of Infinite Group Relaxation from Mixing Inequalities
  7. S-free convex sets and cutting planes

Cutting-Plane Evaluation

  1. Finite Split Rank of Triangle and Quadrilateral Inequalities
  2. Lower Bound on Split Rank of Intersection Cuts
  3. How Good are Sparse Cutting-Planes
  4. Effectiveness of Sparse Cutting-planes for Integer Programs with Sparse Constraint Matrix [video]
  5. Aggregation-based cutting-planes for packing and covering integer programs

Other Classes of Cutting Planes for MILPs

  1. Lifting Cutting Planes using Linear Programming
  2. A Verification Based Method to Generate Cutting Planes for IPs
  3. Cutting-Planes from Two Branch Disjunctions

Primal Heuristics

  1. Using Sparsity to Design Primal Heuristics for MILPs: Two Stories

Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

  1. Chvátal-Gomory Closure of Strictly Convex Body
  2. Some Properties of Convex Hulls of Integer Points Contained in General Convex Set
  3. Some Representability and Duality Results for Convex Mixed-integer Programs
  4. Integer Quadratic Programming is in NP
  5. Some cut-generating functions for second-order conic set

Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming

  1. New SOCP relaxation and branching rule for bipartite bilinear programs
  2. Analysis of MILP Techniques for the Pooling Problem [video]
  3. New Formulations and Valid Inequalities for Optimal Power Flow Problem