Current Students

  1. Berkay Becu
  2. Sourabh Choudhary
  3. Yatharth Dubey
  4. Xiaoyi Gu
  5. Yijiang Li
  6. Nicole Redder
  7. Prachi Shah
  8. Shengding Sun

Past Students

  1. Emma S. Johnson
    Thesis Title: Solution Techniques for Large-Scale Optimization Problems on the Transmission Grid.
    Graduation Year: 2021.
    First Position: Sandia National Laboratories.
  2. Guanyi Wang
    Thesis Title: Approximation Algorithms for Mixed Integer Non-Linear Optimization Problems.
    Graduation Year: 2021.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, National University of Singapore.
  3. Digvijay Boob
    Thesis Title: Convex and Structured Nonconvex Optimization for Modern Machine Learning: Complexity and Algorithms.
    Graduation Year: 2020.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Engineering Management, Information, and Systems, Southern Methodist University, USA.
  4. Asteroide Santana
    Thesis Title: Strong Convex Relaxations for Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programs.
    Graduation Year: 2019.
    First Position: Operations Research Scientist, Opex Analytics, Inc., USA.
  5. Andres Iroume
    Thesis Title: Sparsity in Integer Programming.
    Graduation Year: 2017.
    First Position: Consultant, Operations Research at Revenue Analytics, Inc.
    Current Position: Senior Data Scientist, Cox Automotive Inc., USA.
  6. Qianyi Wang
    Thesis Title: Theory and Computation of Sparse Cutting-planes.
    Graduation Year: 2016.
    First Position: Data Scientist, Uber Technologies Inc.
    Current Position: Data Scientist, Google, USA.
  7. Burak Kocuk
    Thesis Title: Global Optimization Methods for Optimal Power Flow and Transmission Switching Problems in Electric Power Systems.
    Graduation Year: 2016.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering, Sabanci University, Turkey.
  8. Diego Moran
    Thesis Title: Fundamental Properties of Convex Mixed-integer Programs.
    Graduation Year: 2014.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, VirginiaTech.
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Business, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile.
  9. Gustavo Angulo
    Thesis Title: Integer Programming Approaches For Semicontinuous and Stochastic Optimization.
    Graduation Year: 2014.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile. (After spending one year at CORE)
  10. Feng Qiu
    Thesis Title: Probabilistic Covering Problems.
    Graduation Year: 2013.
    First Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Argonne National Labs.
    Current Position: Principal Computational Scientist, Argonne National Labs, USA.
  11. Akshay Gupte
    Thesis Title: Mixed Integer Biliear Programming With Applications To The Pooling Problem.
    Graduation Year: 2012.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University.
    Current position: Lecturer, School of Mathematics, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.