Current Students

  1. Yatharth Dubey
  2. Xiaoyi Gu
  3. Yijiang Li
  4. Nicole Redder
  5. Prachi Shah
  6. Shengding Sun

Past Students

  1. Emma S. Johnson
    Thesis Title: Solution Techniques for Large-Scale Optimization Problems on the Transmission Grid.
    Graduation Year: 2021.
    First Position: Sandia National Laboratories.
  2. Guanyi Wang
    Thesis Title: Approximation Algorithms for Mixed Integer Non-Linear Optimization Problems.
    Graduation Year: 2021.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, National University of Singapore.
  3. Digvijay Boob
    Thesis Title: Convex and Structured Nonconvex Optimization for Modern Machine Learning: Complexity and Algorithms.
    Graduation Year: 2020.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Engineering Management, Information, and Systems, Southern Methodist University, USA.
  4. Asteroide Santana
    Thesis Title: Strong Convex Relaxations for Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programs.
    Graduation Year: 2019.
    First Position: Operations Research Scientist, Opex Analytics, Inc., USA.
  5. Andres Iroume
    Thesis Title: Sparsity in Integer Programming.
    Graduation Year: 2017.
    First Position: Consultant, Operations Research at Revenue Analytics, Inc.
    Current Position: Senior Data Scientist, Cox Automotive Inc., USA.
  6. Qianyi Wang
    Thesis Title: Theory and Computation of Sparse Cutting-planes.
    Graduation Year: 2016.
    First Position: Data Scientist, Uber Technologies Inc.
    Current Position: Data Scientist, Google, USA.
  7. Burak Kocuk
    Thesis Title: Global Optimization Methods for Optimal Power Flow and Transmission Switching Problems in Electric Power Systems.
    Graduation Year: 2016.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering, Sabanci University, Turkey.
  8. Diego Moran
    Thesis Title: Fundamental Properties of Convex Mixed-integer Programs.
    Graduation Year: 2014.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, VirginiaTech.
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Business, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile.
  9. Gustavo Angulo
    Thesis Title: Integer Programming Approaches For Semicontinuous and Stochastic Optimization.
    Graduation Year: 2014.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile. (After spending one year at CORE)
  10. Feng Qiu
    Thesis Title: Probabilistic Covering Problems.
    Graduation Year: 2013.
    First Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Argonne National Labs.
    Current Position: Principal Computational Scientist, Argonne National Labs, USA.
  11. Akshay Gupte
    Thesis Title: Mixed Integer Biliear Programming With Applications To The Pooling Problem.
    Graduation Year: 2012.
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University.
    Current position: Lecturer, School of Mathematics, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.