1. Improving Branch-and-Bound Algorithms for MILPs (Funded by Airforce Office of Scientific Research).
  2. General Framework for AI-Accelerated Power Systems Optimization (Funded by Argonne National Lab).
  3. SECUREľAn Evidence-Based Approach for Cybersecurity(Funded by Sandia National Lab).
  4. Convexification of sub-structures for Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programs (Funded by Office of Naval Research).
  5. Sparse Integer Programming (Funded by National Science Foundation). [link]
  6. Eager: Discrete Optimization Algorithms for 21st Century Algorithms (Funded by National Science Foundation). [link]
  7. CAREER: Non-traditional Cutting-Plane Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Programs (Funded by National Science Foundation). [link]
  8. Selective Optimization (Funded by Airforce Offce of Scientific Research). [link]
  9. Collaborative Research: Fundamentals of Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (Funded by National Science Foundation). [link]
  10. Large Scale Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming under Uncertainty Agency (Funded by Exxon-Mobil Research and Engineering).