IE 6202: Warehousing Systems

Fall 2002
Instructor: Spyros Reveliotis

Course Materials

  1. Course Introduction: The role and operations of the warehouse (PowerPoint Presentation)
  2. Warehousing Equipment: classification, functional description, and sought efficiencies (PowerPoint Presentation)
  3. A Report on Warehouse Management Systems (Word Document)
  4. An Overview of the Warehouse Design and Control Problem (PowerPoint Presentation) (last updated: 9/9/02)
  5. Warehouse Storage Configuration and Policies (PowerPoint Presentation) (last updated: 10/3/02)
  6. Design of the forward-pick area (PowerPoint Presentation) (last updated: 10/31/02)
  7. Warehouse Zoning and Bucket Brigades (PowerPoint Presentation) (last updated: 11/3/02)
  8. Order Picking (PowerPoint Presentation) (last updated: 11/21/02)
  9. Crossdocking (PowerPoint Presentation) (last updated: 11/25/02)
  10. A case study on designing and controlling the operations of an automated picking system (pdf file)
  11. Performance evaluation models (PowerPoint Presentation)

Homework Assignments

Term Project