IE 3103: Introduction to Supply Chain Modeling: Logistics

Spring 2004
Instructor: Spyros Reveliotis

Course Materials

  1. Course Introduction (PowerPoint Presentation)
  2. Supply Chain Management and Corporate Strategy (PowerPoint Presentation - Last Updated: 1/13/04)
  3. Introduction to Forecasting (PowerPoint Presentation - Last Updated: 1/25/04)
  4. A spreadsheet for the example on static forecasting methods
  5. An example on adaptive forecasting methods: Moving Average and Simple Exponential Smoothing (Excel spreadsheet)
  6. An example on Holt's method (Excel spreadsheet)
  7. The Bullwhip effect and the need for Supply Chain Coordination (PowerPoint Presentation)
  8. Introduction to Supply Chain network design (PowerPoint Presentation)
  9. LINGO input file for the example on Demand Allocation (ascii file)
  10. LINGO output file for the example on Demand Allocation (ascii file)
  11. Introduction to Transportation (PowerPoint Presentation)
  12. Prof. Errera's notes on Transportation and Supply Chain Systems (pdf file)
  13. Course Summary (PowerPoint Presentation)

Homework Assignments