Yao Xie

A list of my reports for course projects, graduate and undergraduate research projects that may still have something useful for my reference.

Other reports

  1. Intervention Model for Beijing Tourism and SARS [Report], project for STATS237, supervised by Prof. Raja Velu, 2009.
  2. Competitive Market Model for Overlay Cognitive Radio, project for EE359, supervised by Prof. Andrea Goldsmith, 2009.
  3. Modification of "Minimax optimality of the Shiryaev-Roberts change-point detection rule" [Report], supervised by Prof. David Siegmund, 2009.
  4. Comparison of Golden Ratio Based and Random Radial Profile Order for Projection MRI [Report] [ReconMovie], supervised by Prof. Dwright Nishimura, 2008.
  5. A study of numerical algorithms for MAP image reconstruction using Poisson model [Report], supervised by Prof. Stephen Boyd, 2007.
  6. Approximate Newton's method for tomographic image reconstruction [Report], supervised by Prof. Stephen Boyd, 2007.
  7. Raw data compression in computed tomography: Noise shaping [Report], project for EE372, supervised by Prof. Robert Gray, 2007. Team member: A. Wang.
  8. Fourier-based forward and back projectors for iterative tomographic image reconstruction [Report], project for EE369C, supervised by Prof. John Pauly, 2007.
  9. Statistical reconstruction for region-of-interest (ROI) using partial sinogram, summer intern project at GE Global Research Center, supervised by Dr. Bruno De Man, 2007.
  10. Solution to the benchmarking problem of AARC engine noise phased array workshop, Yao Xie, Jian Li. May 2006.
  11. A Speaker verification system [Report], project for EEL6825 pattern recognition, supervised by Prof. Clint Slatton, 2006. Team member: X. Zheng.
  12. Design of a 1 Gbps wireless transceiver [Report], project for EEL6374 RF circuits and systems, supervised by Prof. Jinshan Lin, 2005. Team Member: F. Qu and S. Boppana.
  13. The art of queuing: a faster QuickPass system [Slides], for MCM undergraduate mathematical modeling contest, 2004. Team member: C. Ma, H. Yu and J. Yao.
  14. Aviation baggage screening strategy optimization, (report), for ICM undergraduate mathematical modeling contest, 2003. Team member: C. Meng, H. Chen and Q. Meng.
  15. A SARS propagation model based on stochastic differential equation and nonhomogeneous Poisson process, (abstract) (report in Chinese), for CUMCM undergraduate mathematical modeling contest 2003. (Won First Prize). Team member: M. Liu, Y. Lin and Q. Meng.