Women's LRMC (Classic) results through games of 3/14/2021

Overall rank = 317

Record: 4-10 (avg. opponent rank = 274, which is 325th best in Div. I)
Home: 3-4 (avg. opponent rank = 278, which is 323rd best in Div. I)
Road: 1-6 (avg. opponent rank = 269, which is 317th best in Div. I)
Neutral1: 0-0 (avg. opponent rank = 1000, which is 327th best in Div. I)
Conference2: 4-10 (avg. opponent rank = 274, which is 309th best in Div. I)
Nonconference: 0-0 (avg. opponent rank = 1000, which is 336th best in Div. I)

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Date Opp. Rank Opponent Result Location1 Conference/Non2
12/8/2020 311 Bryant LOSS in OT Road Conference
12/9/2020 311 Bryant LOSS by 17 Road Conference
12/14/2020 321 Central_Conn LOSS by 15 Home Conference
12/15/2020 321 Central_Conn WIN by 3 Home Conference
1/7/2021 199 Mt_St_Mary's LOSS by 8 Road Conference
1/8/2021 199 Mt_St_Mary's LOSS by 6 Road Conference
1/23/2021 305 LIU_Brooklyn LOSS by 11 Home Conference
1/28/2021 305 LIU_Brooklyn WIN by 13 Road Conference
2/4/2021 280 Wagner LOSS by 11 Road Conference
2/5/2021 280 Wagner LOSS by 4 Road Conference
2/9/2021 254 F_Dickinson WIN by 7 Home Conference
2/10/2021 254 F_Dickinson LOSS in OT Home Conference
2/13/2021 245 St_Francis_PA LOSS by 1 Home Conference
2/14/2021 245 St_Francis_PA WIN by 8 Home Conference

1 It is often hard to determine whether a game should be considered "Home" or "Neutral". As a rule of thumb, we consider games played on a large nearby court against a distant opponent to be "Home"; for example, Connecticut plays several opponents at the XL Center rather than on campus.

2 Conference and non-conference records and schedule strength are shown for informational purposes only. LRMC does not distinguish between a conference game and a non-conference game when calculating rankings; a tough opponent is equally hard to beat whether they're in the same conference or a different conference.

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