The LRMC Team

The LRMC "team" is made up of four operations research, statistics, and mathematics professors:

Drs. Sokol, Kvam, and Nemhauser are all professors in Georgia Tech's H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Dr. Brown is a professor in the Department of Statistics at Columbia University.


In addition to Drs. Sokol, Kvam, Nemhauser, and Brown, Georgia Tech undergraduate students Peiheng Hu, Haoxiang Yang, Kristine Johnson, Tucker Moore, Harold Rivner, Blaine Deluca, Pete Kriengsiri, Timothy Tjia-Gan, Yingnan Liu, Paul Gyori, Bhargav Viradia, Ethan O'Brien, Param Bodiwala, Jason Yeh, Trironk Kiatkungwanglai, Dara Thach, Holly Matera, Jared Norton, Katie Whitehead, and Blake Pierce all assisted in various stages of data collection, analysis, and validation.

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