Bucket brigades: Resources

Who can advise me about bucket brigades?

The idea behind bucket brigades is so simple that most users have been able to implement it themselves. But if you want someone to look over your shoulder, you are welcome to contact us. Meanwhile, here are some immediate resources. (These are mostly for using bucket brigades to coordinate order-pickers in a distribution center; it is harder to generalize about manufacturing because each environment is unique.)

First, see our list of Frequently-Asked Questions. If you have further questions, please contact us: We are very interested in tracking use of bucket brigades and learning from new applications.

We are happy to share videotapes of bucket brigades; or you can see a shorter version here.

For training, you can also run a bucket brigade with real people in a simulated warehouse. Here are instructions and materials for an exercise that our students and clients have found very useful.

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Most of the following are technical publications and will be of interest primarily to academics. Material of more general interest may be found here.

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