Probability Seminar

Winter/Spring Quarter Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 9 David Nualart (University of Barcelona)
Regularity of probability laws via Malliavin Calculus
Jan 18 Jim Dai (Georgia Tech)Performance and Scheduling of Processing Networks
Jan 25 Dan Mauldin (University of North Texas)
Random Distributions and Homeomorphisms
Feb 2
David McDonald (University of Ottawa)
Rare events for a Markov chain
Feb 8 M. Borodovsky (Biology - Georgia Tech)
Feb 15 G. Weiss (Haifa)A process of zigzag lines with Poisson breakpoints
Feb 22 Michael Monticino (University of North Texas)Search, Information, and Gambling
Mar 1 Richard Durrett (Cornell University)
From the voter model to species area curves
Fri., Mar 8 Jianqing Fan (UNC) Exploiting hidden structure in high dimensional data analyses
Fri., Mar 15 Victor Perez-Abreu (CIMAR, visiting Georgia Tech)
Thur., Mar 28 (Skiles 249) & Fri., Mar. 29 (Skiles 269) David Aldous (University of California-Berkeley)
Probability Models for Splitting and Coalescing
Brownsian Excursions, Critical Random Graphs and the Multiplicative Coalescent
Mon., Apr. 1 & Tue., Apr. 2 (both Skiles 269) M. Marcus (City College of NY)
A surprising relationship between Levy processes and stationary Gaussian processes
Renormalized self-interaction local times and Wick power Gaussian chaos processes
Apr. 4 Jin Feng (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Nonlinear Martingale Problems for Large Deviations of Markov Processes
Tue., Apr. 9 (IC) Martin Puterman (University of British Columbia)
*Apr. 11 (IC) Ward Whitt (AT&T)
Apr. 18 Victor Perez-Abreu (CIMAT, visiting Georgia Tech)
On a class of martingales
Apr. 25 M. Borodovsky (Georgia Tech)
May 2 Ted Hill (Georgia Tech)
May 9 Sigrun Andradottir
Accelerated Regeneration for Markov Chain Simulations
* Tue., May 14
(IC 215 11 am)
Sandy Stidham
(University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Airline Yield Management with Overbooking, Cancellations, and No-Show
May 16 D. Sun (University of Missouri)
May 23 L. DeHaan (Rotterdam)
May 30 J. Sun (University of Michigan)

* Sponsored jointly with ATT Lecture Series

Unless otherwise noted, the seminar meets Thursdays at 3 PM in 269 Skiles. For further information, contact Ted Hill (, (404)853-9111)

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