Professor Richard Durrett
Cornell University

First Lecture: Feb 29, 3:00--4:00 pm, Skiles 249

When is space important in modelling biological systems?

Abstract: We will answer this question by taking a look at models of three different competitive systems.

No knowledge of probability is required for the first talk.

Refreshments will be served in Skiles 236 following the talk.

Second Lecture: March 1, 3:00--4:00 pm, Skiles 269.

From the voter model to species area curves.

Abstract: We will begin by introducing and analyzing the voter model, one of the first particle systems to be studied. Then we will describe how this system can be used to give an explanation of the observed relationship that the number of species observed S = CA^r where A is the area sample and r is a power that can be between .15 and .4.

For this second talk it is sufficient to know what a random walk is.