Professor David Aldous
University of California, Berkely

First Lecture: March 28, 4:30--5:30 pm, Skiles 249

Probability Models for Splitting and Coalescing.

``Branching processes" are one of the most classical topics in applied probability. We commonly picture a process of discrete individuals, but we could also interpret classical branching processes as ``combinatorial splitting processes" in which unit mass is split into smaller andsmaller pieces. Here we say ``combinatorial" to contrast with more realistic ``geometric" models which explicitly refer to d-dimensional space. The talk will briefly describe some such processes, as a warm-up to our topic of ``coalescing processes", in which in which initially-small elements merge together. In the applied probability literature, the only well-studied example is Kingman's coalescent, a centerpiece of modern mathematical population genetics. But combinatorial and geometric coalescent processes have been studied in several other areas of science (statistical physics, polymers, astronomy). The purpose of our talkis to bring this topic to the attention of the mathematical probability community.

Refreshments will be served in Skiles 236 prior to the lecture.

Second Lecture: March 29, 3:00--4:00 pm, Skiles 269

Brownsian Excursians, Critical Random Graphs and the Multiplicative Coalescent

Short CV of Professor Aldous

Academic Vita

Born: 13 July 1952

B.A. (Mathematics) 1973, Cambridge University
Ph. D. (Mathematics) 1977, Cambridge University.

St. John's College, Cambridge. Research Fellow 1977-1979.
Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley.
Assistant Professor 1979-1982
Associate Professor 1982-1986
Professor 1986 - present.

Awards, etc:
Rollo Davidson Prize 1980
I.M.S. (= Institute of Mathematical Statistics) Fellow 1985
Loeve Prize in Probability 1993
Fellow of the Royal Society 1994
Research supported by N.S.F., 1979 - present.

Invited talks:
Invited Speaker, Ecole d'Ete St Flour 1983
Special Invited Speaker, Conference on Stochastic Processes, 1979, 1988.
I.M.S. Special Invited Lecturer 1982, 1988
I.M.S. Wald Lecturer 1993.

Professional service:
I.M.S. Council 1987-1989
Associate Editor, Annals of Probability 1982-1987, 1994 - present
Associate Editor, Annals of Applied Probability 1989-present
Associate Editor, J. Math. Analysis 1986-1991
Associate Editor, J. Theoretical Probability 1988 - 1995.