Bayesian Statistics: History

  • The ESSAY that started it all! The Chapter 2 in the book by Barker and Evans (University of Melbourne) brings Bayes' famous An Essay towards solving a problem in the Doctrine of Chances. By the late Rev. Mr. Bayes, F.R.S. communicated by Mr. Price, in a Letter to John Canton, A.M. F.R.S. The essay with cover letter is here!
  • Very interesting biographic article about Bayes. The Reverend Thomas Bayes FRS: a Biography to Celebrate the Tercentenary of his Birth by D.R. Bellhouse.
  • About other Bayes' writings. Article: On Some Recently Discovered Manuscripts of Thomas Bayes, by D.R. Bellhouse.
  • Barnard's note on Bayes' biography.
  • Bayes picture. Appeared for the first time in: Terence O'Donnell (1936) History of Life Insurance, 844 p., American Conservation Co., Chicago. Previous source unknown.
  • Bayes signature.
  • Bayes house.
  • Bayes grave. More photos of the grave and directions how to find it, if you find yourself in London, are at
  • Article in The IMS Bulletin [Vol. 17 (1988), No. 3, pp. 276--278]: Who was this gentleman? When and where was he born? . Also, latex source and postscript compilation. Courtesy of
  • Some more references on the Reverend.
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