Active Projects

  • Risk Averse Multistage Stochastic Integer Programming (Funded by NSF)

  • A unified framework for distributed stochastic optimization (Funded by ONR)

  • A New Optimization Paradigm for Massive-scale Maritime Inventory Routing Problems (Funded by Exxon-Mobil Research and Engineering)

  • Stochastic Optimization Models for Power Grid Resiliency and Reliability (Funded by Sandia National Labs)

Completed Projects

  • Distributed integer programming (Funded by ONR)

  • High performance computing for mixed-integer programming (Funded by Exxon-Mobil Research and Engineering)

  • Dynamic robust optimization for emerging energy systems (Funded by NSF)

  • Routing policies in Semiconductor Manufacturing (Funded by Samsung)

  • Exploiting submodularity in integer programming (Funded by NSF)

  • Selective Optimization (Funded by AFOSR)

  • Prosumer-based distributed autonomous cyber-physical architecture for ultra-reliable green electricity inter-networks (Funded by ARPA-E GENI)

  • Automated vehicle routing (Funded by Samsung Electronics)

  • Large scale mixed integer nonlinear programming under uncertainty (Funded by Exxon-Mobil Research and Engineering)

  • Optimization under probabilistic constraints (Funded by AFOSR)

  • Integer programming under uncertainty (Funded by NSF)

  • Network analysis using inverse optimization (Funded by NSF, ONR and DOT)

  • Extensions of stochastic programming (Funded by NSF)

  • Capacity expansion under forecast uncertainty (Funded by NSF)

  • Stochastic combinatorial optimization (Funded by NSF)

  • Real-time integer programming (Funded by NSF)

  • Optimization and simulation of automated float glass lines (Funded by AFG Industries)

  • Detergent formulation modeling and optimization (Funded by P&G Co.)

  • Optimization tools for automated and adaptive IMRT planning (Funded by Emory University)