People I Met


Diana (or Diane, I've seen it spelled two different ways) and Henrick. These are future doctors from Germany, so watch out. If you ever find yourself in Bonn needing a triple bypass you may find yourself anesthesized and staring one of these folks in the face. Be nice!

Shane MacGowan. For many years, he was the lead singer for the Pogues. He now is playing with "The Popes" after having split with "The Pogues" in 1991.  He has a new album out which I am trying to get, but it's only available as an import and I can't find it! I did not take this photo, I stole it fair and square from the Irish Times online edition.

Teddy lives near Lauragh on the Beara peninsula. He eagerly posed for some photos. At no point did I feel threatened. Although he was wielding a sharpened scythe, he only cut grass with it - not tourists.

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