Doolin and the Cliffs of Mohrer

This cow had been engulfed by a cow-eating hedge which was slowly digesting her. I felt bad for the poor cow, but not bad enough to try to save her. I mean, what if the hedge mistook me for a cow? It's happened before.

This is a rocky beach near Doolin.

This is a private residence - can you believe it? That would be cool.

It wasn't my private residence however, so I laid in wait for the owners, clubbed them over the head, and stole it. The major problem was then getting it through US customs.

Yes, those are people on the top of that hill. Pretty goddamned cool-looking hill ain't it. note the absolute lack of any safety fence. In the US there would be 300 fences, chains, guards, and painted yellow lines between you and the cliffs. That would a lot less cool-looking.

The Cliffs of Mohrer. I just can't say this enough... They are really big cliffs. See people at the top? They help you see how goddamned big the cliffs are. Really goddamned big.

Is he being foolhardy? Well, let me explain the facts. There is about a 600 foot vertical drop on the business end of the ledge. He is very close to that edge. Sometime whole sections of ledges collapse and fall. In spite of all of these facts, it was pretty cool lying down on the ledge and peeking over its edge down to the sea.

Am I being foolhardy? Well, I'm not quite so close to the edge. Before going on the hike, we received stern warnings from the man running the hostile to "Be careful, we don't want to lose any of you. If you fall, you're not coming back." People are occasionally blown over by strong winds. It used to be that if a sailboat got too close to the cliffs, the wind could blow it straight in, and there was no way to escape (and the water is cold in those parts - no gulf stream up here).

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