The Dingle Peninsula



The inlet to the port of Dingle is surrounded on three sides by hills, so it used to be very difficult for ships to find it. Soooooo, they built towers on the tops of the hills which had big wooden fingers pointing the way. This photo was taken on a hill west of Dingle which has the only remaining one. Of course I didn't take a photo of the tower - you'll have to trust me.

I submitted a plan to the Dingle Peninsula planning commission to turn this wall into a water-slide, but it was soundly rejected. The cliffs may have had something to do with it - I'm not sure.

This small castle is on a hill just outside of Dingle. It had been destroyed long before I got there, so don't blame me.

Here is a view of cliffs from the road west out of Dingle towards Slea Head.

This horse had the nerve to get in the way of my photo. I would have disciplined him, but he was a lot bigger than me, and I had to do what he said.

People might say that the roads in Ireland are bad, but I'd rather be biking down this than any road in Atlanta.

Can you say "A glacier came through here???" Imagine those sheep buried by 1000 feet of ice. Note: U-shaped valleys are usually caused by glaciers, while V-shaped valleys are caused by rivers. Wow! You actually learned something on the Web! Maybe this is a first.

This is the ferry that carried me over to the Blaskets Islands.

These girls were on the boat ride too. I think they were sisters (and probably still are).

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