Health Analytics

Health Analytics bridges fundamental mathematical and computational modeling with health services research and health economics as a means of translating health and healthcare data into knowledge and decision making. My research in this area is part of larger research program at Georgia Tech, supported and disseminated at my group's web site Health Analytics Group at GT.

This page has been initiated with the National Science Foundation support (CAREER Award CMMI-0954283) and multiple seed grants from the Institute of People and Technology, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Veterans Administration, Centers of Disease Prevention and Control, George Foundation Predictive Health, and Emory Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center.

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[Paper Document] [Supplemental Materials]

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Sample Invited Presentations:
1. " A Space-Time Varying Coefficient Model: The Equity of Service Accessibility", Serban, N., Joint Statistical Meeting, Miami, FL, August, 2011.

2. "Quantifying and Explaining Access to H1N1 Vaccine", Heier Stamm, J. (presenter), Serban, N., Swann, J., The Institute of Operations Research and the Management Sciences Meeting, Charlotte NC, November 2011.

3. "The Equity of Pediatric Healthcare Accessibility: Measurement and Inference", Nobles, M. (presenter), Serban, N., Swann, J., The Institute of Operations Research and the Management Sciences Meeting, Charlotte NC, November 2011.

4. " Clustering Random Curves Under Spatial Interdependence with Application to Service Accessibility", Jiang, H., Serban, N., Joint Statistical Meeting, San Diego, CA, August, 2012.

5. " Measurement and Inference on Pediatric Healthcare Accessibility", Nobles, M., Serban, N., Swann, J. Joint Statistical Meeting, Boston, MA, August, 2014.

6. " Quantifying Disparities in Accessibility and Availability of Pediatric Primary Care with Implications for Policy Making", Gentili, M., Serban, N., O'Connor, J., Swann, J. Joint Statistical Meeting, Seattle, WA, August, 2015.

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