Selected Publications

    Health/Medical Analytics

  • Z. Yu, P. Keskinocak, J. Sokol, and Y-H Chen, "Flexible Analytic Model to Inform Multi-Stakeholder Pediatric Vaccine Scheduling Decisions", Vaccine 40(52), pp. 7631-7639, 2022
  • E. Mark, D. Goldsman, B. Gurbaxani, P. Keskinocak, J. Sokol, "Using Machine Learning and an Ensemble of Methods to Predict Kidney Transplant Survival and Rank Predictive Variables", PLoS ONE 14(1) e0209068, 2019 (top-10% most cited PLoS ONE paper of 2019)
  • H.K. Smalley, N. Anand, D. Buczek, N. Buczek, T. Lin, T. Rajore, M. Wacker, S.V. Basavaraju, B.M. Gurbaxani, T. Hammett, P. Keskinocak, J. Sokol, and M. Kuehnert, "A Mathematical Model to Describe Survival Among Liver Recipients from Deceased Donors with Risk of Transmitting Infectious Encephalitis Pathogens", Transplant Infectious Disease 21(4), 2019
  • E. Mark, D. Goldsman, P. Keskinocak, and J. Sokol, "Using Machine Learning to Estimate Survival Curves for Patients Receiving an Increased Risk for Disease Transmission Heart, Liver, or Lung versus Waiting for a Standard Organ", Transplant Infections Disease 21(6), 2019
  • D. Strickland, E. Barnes, and J. Sokol, "Optimal Protein Structure Alignment Using Maximum Cliques", Operations Research 53, pp. 389-402, 2005
  • Sports Analytics

  • G.A. Muller, S. Hood, and J. Sokol, "Randomness, Uncertainty, and the Optimal College Football Championship Tournament Size", Journal of Sports Analytics 9(1), pp. 1-37, 2023
  • A.O. Ozlu and J. Sokol, "An Optimization Approach to Designing a Baseball Scout Network", European Journal of Operational Research 255 pp. 948-960, 2016
  • N. Streib, S. Young, and J. Sokol, "A Major League Baseball Team Uses Operations Research for Draft Preparation", Interfaces 42, pp. 1-12, 2012
  • P. Kvam and J. Sokol, "A Logistic Regression/Markov Chain Model for College Basketball Rankings, Naval Research Logistics 53, pp. 788-803, 2006
  • J. Sokol, "A Robust Heuristic for Batting Order Optimization Under Uncertainty", Journal of Heuristics 9, pp. 353-370, 2003
  • Other topics

  • P. Kerl, W. Zhang, J. Moreno-Cruz, A. Nenes, M. Realff, A. Russell, J. Sokol, V.M. Thomas, "A New Approach for Optimal Electricity Planning and Dispatching with Hourly Time-Scale Air Quality and Health Considerations", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112, pp. 10884-10889, 2016
  • D. Papageorgiou, M-S Cheon, G. Nemhauser, and J. Sokol, "Approximate Dynamic Programming for a Class of Long-Horizon Maritime Inventory Routing Problems", Transportation Science 49, pp. 870-885, 2015
  • D. Papageorgiou, A. Keha, G.L. Nemhauser, and J. Sokol, "Two-Stage Decomposition Algorithms for Single Product Maritime Inventory Routing", INFORMS Journal on Computing 26, pp. 825-847, 2014
  • S. Hackman, J. Sokol, and C. Zhou, "An Effective Approach to Integrated Learning in Capstone Design", INFORMS Transactions on Education 13, pp. 68-82, 2013
  • L. Houghtalen, O. Ergun, and J. Sokol, "Designing Mechanisms for the Management of Carrier Alliances", Transportation Science 45, pp. 465-482, 2011

Selected Funding Sources

  • Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Eastman Kodak
  • ExxonMobil
  • Merck
  • National Science Foundation
  • Office of Naval Research
  • Samsung Electronics
  • United States Army
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