Selected Publications

Sports OR/Analytics

  • An Optimization Approach to Designing a Baseball Scout Network (2016), European Journal of Operational Research 255, pp. 948-960 (with O. Ozlu)
  • A Major League Baseball Team Uses Operations Research for Draft Preparation (2012), Interfaces 42, pp. 1-12 (with N. Streib, S. Young)
  • An Improved LRMC Method for NCAA Basketball Prediction (2010), Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 6 3, Article 4 (with M. Brown)
  • A Logistic Regression/Markov Chain Model for College Basketball Rankings (2006), Naval Research Logistics 53, pp. 788-803 (with P. Kvam)
  • A Robust Heuristic for Batting Order Optimization Under Uncertainty (2003), Journal of Heuristics 9, pp. 353-370

Non-sports OR/Analytics

  • A New Approach for Optimal Electricity Planning and Dispatching with Hourly Time-Scale Air Quality and Health Considerations (2016), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112, pp. 10884-10889 (with P. Kerl, W. Zhang, J. Moreno-Cruz, A. Nenes, M. Realff, A. Russell, and V.M. Thomas)
  • Optimizing Recruiting Asset Allocation and Routing with Integer Programming (2013), Military Operations Research 18 2, pp. 5-13 (with K. Bartlett, G. Nemhauser, J. Dilbeck)
  • Designing Mechanisms for the Management of Carrier Alliances (2011), Transportation Science 45, pp. 465-482 (with L. Houghtalen, O. Ergun)
  • A Least-Squares Network Flow Algorithm (2011), Annals of Operations Research 186 1, pp. 119-140 (with B. Gopalakrishnan, S. Kong, E. Barnes, E.L. Johnson)
  • Optimal Protein Structure Alignment Using Maximum Cliques (2005), Operations Research 53, pp. 389-402 (with D.M. Strickland, E. Barnes)


  • An Effective Approach to Integrated Learning in Capstone Design (2013), INFORMS Transactions on Education 13, pp. 68-82 (with S. Hackman, C. Zhou)
  • A New Paradigm for Higher Quality and More Consistent Senior Design (2010), Proceedings of the 2010 Industrial Engineering Research Conference (with S. Hackman, C. Zhou)
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