Warehouse activity profile

The goal is to find patterns within the customer orders and then tune warehouse processes to be a more efficient match for these patterns. Customer orders are available to us from a sales history. This is extremely valuable information and companies are understandably reluctant to share it.

We must be able to guarantee protection. This can include asking specifically that No financial information be shared — we do not need it since our concerns are operational — and that product descriptions can be omitted if necessary.

Plan for data transfer

Client will prepare two files:

The files will be prepared in two stages: First, skus.txt together with one week’s worth of sales.txt, which we will validate and then return a summary to the client. (One week’s data is small enough to be easily handled. For example, it will be viewable by a spreadsheet program, while the full data set may not be.)

Then the client prepares the full files (all SKUs and all lines). We will then validate the full files and return an exception report.

Structure of data files


Description of customer orders

Description of SKUs

Description of Warehouse

This data may be unstructured and typically requires discussion with warehouse personnel.

File transfer