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International Truck and Engine

ITE's PDC distributes service parts to truck dealers throughout the southern US.
View across the top of the warehouse. To the right as you travel back are receiving and shipping; to the left are heavy storage, light bulk, and small parts.
Small parts are picked from bin-shelving. About 70% of all skus are stored here. Note that the aisles are restricted to one-way travel to avoid accidents.
A closer view of the bin-shelving. Note that the bins are not all of the same dimensions.
Some of the larger items in the small parts area are picked off the bottom three levels of rack. The order-picker drives a truck + trailer, which can carry two pallets. Here the order-picker scans the storage location to confirm the correct picking location.
A batch being picked from the small parts area
The light bulk area is picked separately from the small parts area and the heavy parts area.
The heavy parts area holds skus that weigh more than 100 pounds each.
Heavy product is picked by forklift and carried as a unit-load.
Flammables. Note the foam nozzles for fighting fires.
Aerosols must be stored in cages to prevent them acting as rockets in the event of fire.
The product moving greatest volume from each area is picked from floor-storage.
The customer order, complete and staged on the shipping dock
A trailer backed to the shipping dock, to be loaded with the customer order