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PhD Students

University of Wisconsin, Madison

1. J. F. Soares, "Some restricted randomization rules with applications to the design of clinical trials", June, 1981.
Current position: Professor Emeritus, Federal U. of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. President, Institute for Educational Evaluation, Ministry of Education, Brazil.

2. D. S. Chang, "Estimation with auxiliary information in survey sampling: some large sample results", July, 1981.
Current position: Professor Emeritus, National Tsinghua U., Taiwan

3. L. Y. Deng, "Statistical inference in finite population sampling when auxiliary information is available'', August, 1984.
Current position: Professor, U. of Memphis, TN.

4. S. K. Tse, "Estimation and experimental design for quantal response models'', August, 1984.
Current position: Associate Professor, City U. of Hong Kong.

5. M. Koschat, "Some aspects of interval estimation in linear regression models", October, 1984.
Current position: Professor, IMD Business School, Switzerland.

6. K. L. Tsui, "Nonparametric and parametric estimation with truncated regression'', July, 1986.
Current position: Professor, City U. of Hong Kong.

7. J. Shao, "On resampling methods for variance estimation and related topics'', May, 1987.
Current position: Professor, U. of Wisconsin, Madison.

8. M. S. Hamada, "Studies on incomplete and ordered categorical from industrial experiments", June, 1987.
Current position: Research Fellow, Los Alamos Nat. Lab.

9. J. C. Wang, "Orthogonal arrays and nearly orthogonal arrays with mixed levels: construction and applications", August, 1989.
Current position: Associate Professor, U. of Western Michigan.

11. J. H. Chen, "On minimum aberration fractional factorial designs", August, 1990.
Current position: Professor, U. of British Columbia.

12. Y. Y. Chen, "On quasi-likelihood estimation", August, 1991.
Current position: China Investment Capital, Beijing.

University of Waterloo

10. R. Sitter, "Resampling procedures for complex survey data", December, 1989.
Current position: Professor, Simon Fraser U. (deceased)

13. B. Tang, "Latin hypercubes and supersaturated designs", September, 1992.
Current position: Professor, Simon Fraser U.

14. A. E. Miller, "Improving signal-response systems through designed experiments", February, 1993.
Current position: Associate Professor, Auckland U., New Zealand.

15. D. X. Sun, "Estimation capacity and related topics in experimental design", August, 1993.
Current position: Senior analyst, Citadel Investment.

16. C. M. Anderson, "Location and dispersion analysis for factorial experiments", December, 1993.
Current position: Research Fellow, Los Alamos Nat. Lab.

17. H. Chipman, "Bayesian regression methods for ordered categorical data", August, 1994 (Winner of the 1995 Pierre Robillard Award) (Co-Advisor: M. S. Hamada).
Current position: Professor, Acadia U., Nova Scotia, Canada.

18. W. L. Li, "Algorithmic construction of optimal balanced designs'', June, 1995.
Current position: Professor, U. of Minnesota.

19. P. Moorhead, "Cost-driven parameter design", November, 1995.

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

20. F. Tsung, "Run-to-run proportional-integral-derivative process contrul and monitoring schemes", March, 1997 (Co-Advisor: J. Shi).
Current Position: Professor, Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology.

21. H. Wu, "Design, modeling and estimation in circular measurement error models", June, 1997.
Current position: Associate Professor, Iowa State U.

22. J. Bérubé, "Models, analysis and estimation efficiency for robust parameter design", August, 1997 (Co-Advisor: V. Nair).
Current position: Becton Dickinson.

23. Q. Ye, "Latin hypercube designs for computer experiments", May, 1998.
Current position: Associate Professor, Albert Einstein U.

24. S. W. Cheng, "Optimal blocking schemes and projection properties for fractional factorial designs", February, 1999.
Current position: Associate Professor, National Tsinghua U., Taiwan.

25. X. S. Hou, "Planning, modeling and analysis in parameter design experiments", November, 1999.
Current position: Merck Research Lab.

26. Y. Zhu, "A theory of experimental design for multiple groups of factors", June, 2000.
Current position: Professor, Purdue U.

27. H. Xu, "Optimal factor assignment for asymmetrical fractional factorial designs: theory and applications", December, 2000.
Current position: Professor, U. of California, Los Angeles.

28. X. Qu, "Some problems in the theory and construction of factorial designs", April, 2002.
Current position: Professor, Oakland U., MI.

29. R. Joseph Vengazhiyil, "Modeling and optimization for robust parameter design", October, 2002.
Current position: Professor, Georgia Tech.

30. G. Dyson, "New techniques in clustering and microarray data analysis", January, 2004.
Current position: Associate Professor, Wayne State U.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

31. A. Mandal, "Some contributions to design theory and applications", August, 2005.
Current position: Professor, U. of Georgia.

32. Z. Qian, "Computer experiments: modeling, data collection and integration", May, 2006 (Co-advsior: Y. Amemiya).
Current position: Professor, U. of Wisconsin, Madison.

33. T. Dasgupta, "Robust parameter design for automatically controlled systems and nanostructure synthesis", June, 2007.
Current position: Professor, Harvard U.

34. Y. Hung, "Contributions to computer experiments and binary time series", June, 2008 (Co-advsior: Roshan Joseph Vengazhiyil).
Current position: Professor, Rutgers U.

35. Xinwei Deng, "Contributions to statistical learning and statistical quantification in nanomaterials", June, 2009 (Co-advisor: Ming Yuan).
Current position: Associate Professor, Virginia Tech.

36. Yan Wang, Asymptotic Theory for Decentralized Sequential Hypothesis Testing Problems and Sequential Minimum Energy Design Algorithm,” May, 2011. (Primary co-advisor: Yajun Mei).
Current position: Pine River Capital Management.

37. Nagesh Adiga, "Contributions to variable selection for mean modeling and variance modeling in computer experiments", January, 2012 (Co-advisor: J. C. Lu).
Current position: EBay.

38. Huizhi Xie, "Contributions to doubly sliced Latin hypercube design, irregular region smoothing and uncertainty quantification in building energy assessment", April, 2012.
Current position: Netflix.

39. Matthias Tan, "Contributions to quality improvement methodologies and computer experiments", March, 2013.
Current position: Associate Professor, City U. of Hong Kong.

41. Yijie Wang, "Hidden Markov model with application in cell adhesion experiments and Bayesian cubic splines in computer experiments", June, 2013. (Co-advisor: Ying Hung).
Current position: LinkedIn.

42. Heng Su, "Some new ideas on fractional factorial design and computer experiment", January, 2015.
Current position: Wells Fargo Bank.

43. Yuan Wang, "Shrinkage in Quickest Change Detection, Multichannel Profile Monitoring, and RBF-based Uncertainty Quantification", May, 2016. (Primary co-advisor: Yajun Mei).
Current position: Wells Fargo Bank.

45. Li Gu, "Minimum Energy Designs: Extensions, Algorithms, and Applications", June, 2016. (Primary co-advsior: Roshan Joseph Vengazhiyil).
Current position: Amazon.

46. Simon Mak, "Recent advances on the reduction and analysis of big and high-dimensional data", March, 2018. (Co-advsior: Roshan Joseph Vengazhiyil).
Current position: Assistant Professor, Duke University.

47. Chih-Li Sung, "Contributions to binary-output computer experiments and large-scale computer Experiments", May, 2018. (Co-advsior: Ben Haaland).
Current position: Assistant Professor, Michigan State U.

48. Wenjia Wang, "Contributions to the Nonparametric Methods for Computer Experiments", May, 2018. (Co-advsior: Ben Haaland and Rui Tuo).
Current position: Assistant Professor, Hong Kong U of Science and Technology (Guangzhou campus).

49. David Yuanshuo Zhao, "Statistical modeling and experimental design with contributions in environment, health care and e-commerce," February, 2019. (Co-advisor: Ben Haaland).
Current position: Uber, SF.

50. Li-Hsiang Lin, "Computer and Biological Experiments: Modeling, Estimation, and Uncertainty Quantification," April, 2020. (Co-advisor: Roshan Joseph).
Current position: post-doc at Georgia Tech.

Masters (University of Waterloo)

W.L. Li, "A new method of tolerancing and its application to a laminate lay-up process", August, 1992.

S. Tywonek, "Response modeling and analysis for split-plot experiments in robust design", August, 1992.

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