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Guido R. Lagos B.

GuatemaloCargo bike with Amaya; Stgo, Chile, August 2016
Glaciar Grey with Ani, January 2011At Columbia University, August 2016

Assistant Professor
University of Santiago
Av. Ecuador 3769 oficina 406, Santiago, RM 9170124, Chile

FONDECYT Postdoctoral Researcher
University Adolfo Ibanez
Av. Diagonal Las Torres 2640 oficina D208, Penalolen, Santiago, RM 7941169, Chile

Contact: guido [dot] lagos [dot] barrios [at gmail]
Phone+Whatsapp: +56 9 8367 8158

Other profiles: Google Scholar, LinkedIn, Facebook, ResearchGate, Strava

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About me

I'm an assistant professor at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Santiago (USACH), Chile, and also a FONDECYT postdoctoral researcher at Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (UAI). During all 2017 I was a postdoc at the Center for Mathematical Modeling, University of Chile. I have a PhD in Operations Research from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, USA. My advisor was prof. Ton Dieker and broadly speaking our work was about mathematical guarantees for efficiency and accuracy of algorithms that simulate stochastic processes and specific events of them. During 2016 I was a visiting student/research staff at IEOR department, Columbia University. In the past I worked with Prof. Alexander Shapiro in multi-stage stochastic programming.

I studied Mathematical Engineering (a Chilean equivalent to a USA Math B.Sc. + Applied Math M.Sc.) at the Mathematical Engineering Dept. of Universidad de Chile, and also have a M.Sc. degree in Operations Management from Industrial Engineering Dept., Universidad de Chile too.


Methodology of Simulation, Stochastic analysis, Rare-event Analysis, Network reliability, Data Sciences, Computational Probability, Stochastic Programming. I really enjoy programming and playing with computers and gadgets. Also bicycling and swimming.

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Collaborators and colleagues

Javiera Barrera, Krzysztof Bisewski, Rodolfo Carvajal, Xinyun Chen, Ton Dieker, Daniel Espinoza, Cristobal Guzman, Diego Moran, Eduardo Moreno, Karthyek Murthy, Bernardo K. Pagnoncelli, Alexander Shapiro, Tonghoon Suk, Juan Pablo Vielma


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