I am extremely fortunate to work with a group of highly talented and motivated students.

Current Students

PhD Students

Cuong Tran
Bio: I am a first year PhD student in the Computer Science program at Syracuse University. My research interests are differential privacy, fairness, and federated learning. In particular, I am exploring the trade-off between privacy and fairness in different contexts. I obtained a MS in Computer Science at Rutger University and worked as a data scientist at Trusting Social, Vietnam. During my free time, I loves to play soccer and badminton.
Research Interests: Differential Privacy, Machine Learning, Federated Learning.
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James Kotary
Bio: I am a first year PhD student in the Computer Science program at Syracuse University. My research involves applied mathematics for engineering applications. My most recent interests lie in the intersection of constrained optimization and machine learning. I work on prediction models that simulate large-scale planning and scheduling systems. Prior to this I completed a MS in Mathematics at Stony Brook University, and worked in military operations research, developing models for economic central planning. My goal is to contribute to the enhancement of future autonomous systems.
Research Interests: Deep Learning; Discrete Optimization;
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MS Students

Pratik Paranjape
Bio: I am MS student at the EECS department, Syracuse University. I am a cybersecurity analyst, specializing in the fields of network and systems security. My currently research interests lies in Preference Elicitation and privacy in machine learning. I have one year of experience in network security for a company in the Health and Insurance industry, I specialize in compliance of information systems with government and industry standards such as HIPAA, FERPA, PCI-DSS.
Research Interests: Preference Elicitation; Machine Learning
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Susmeet Sunil Tumbare
Bio: TBD
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Energy
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BS and Visitor Students

Anudit Nagar

Bio: Anudit is a CS Undergraduate pursuing research in the field of Federated Learning, Differential Privacy and Blockchain Technology under Professor Ferdinando Fioretto. He is working on a privacy-preserving blockchain backed machine learning ecosystem that uses local differential privacy in conjunction with a blockchain based coordinator to create a decentralized, federated learning network.
Research Interests: Federated Learning, Differential Privacy and Blockchain Technology
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   Zifei Lu

Bio: My reserarch interests focus on image classification and the application of machine learning on real-world problems, like energy consumption. He is passionate about using machine learning to solve real-life problems. I am also interested in developing AI-based web applications. In my spare time, I like playing basketball and working out in the gym.
Research Interests: Deep Learning for Sustainability
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Zhiyan Yao

Bio: I am an undergraduate at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China. My research interests are differential privacy, neural network and stochastic computing. One of my current projects focuses on stochastic computing to accelerate the training process of large neural network and another on exploring the benefits of differential privacy in census data.
Research Interests: Differential Privacy
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Past Students


Pavan Kumar Vaddineni

Research Interests: Machine Learning, Fairness
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