Probability Seminar

Academic Year 1996-97 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
Oct 17 Yung Tong
(Georgia Tech)
Dimension-Reduction Inequalities for Exchangeable Random Variables, With Applications to Statistical Inference
Oct 24 Doug Down
(Georgia Tech)
Stability and Monotone Properties of a Tandem Queueing Network under Window Flow Control
Oct 31 Tom Kurtz
(University of Wisconsin)
Martingale problems for partially observed Markov processes
*Nov 1
(Friday - 11am)
Reuven Y. Rubinstein
(Technion, Israel)
Optimization of Computer Simulation Models with Rare Events
Nov 7 Walter Philipp
(University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Weak Dependence in Probability, Analysis, and Number Theory
Nov 14 Raid Amin
(University of West Florida)
Some Control Charts Based on the Extremes
Nov 20
(Wednesday - 3pm)
Serguei Foss
(Visiting Colorado State University)
Coupling and Renovation
Dec 5 Minping Qian
(Peking University, Beijing, China)
An accelerated algorithm of Gibbs sampling
Dec 12 Magdy H. Metry
(State University of West Georgia)
Rearrangement Increasing Orderings
Jan 10 Andre Dabrowski
(University of Ottawa)
Statistical Analysis of Ion Channel Data
Jan 16 Christian Houdre
(Georgia Tech)
An Interpolation Formula and Its Consequences
Jan 23 Ronghui Xu
(University of California San Diego)
Estimation in the proportional hazards model under censoring
Jan 30 Ming Liao
(Auburn University)
L'evy processes on Lie groups and stochastic flows
Feb 6 Dana Randall
(Georgia Tech)
Testable algorithms for generating self-avoiding walks
Feb 13 Steen Andersson
(Indiana University)
Models combining group symmetry and conditional independence in a multivariate normal distribution
Feb 20 No Seminar
(CAP Conference)
Southeastern Probability Days
*Feb 27
(11am, IC 205)
Dimitris Bertsimas
(Sloan School, MIT)
Optimization of multiclass queueing networks via infinite linear programming and singular perturbation methods
*Mar 5
(Wednesday, 3pm
IC 207)
Paul Glasserman
(Columbia University)
Importance Sampling for Rare Event Simulation: Good News and Bad News
Mar 13
(IC 209)
Hayriye Ayhan
(Georgia Tech, ISyE)
On the Time-Dependent Occupancy and Backlog Distributions for the GI/G/infinity Queue
Apr 17 Andrew Nobel
(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Adaptive Model Selection Using Empirical Complexities
Apr 24 Robert Adler
(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and
Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology)
An Introduction to Superprocesses
May 1 Alex Koldobsky
(University of Texas at San Antonio)
More on Schoenberg's problem on positive definite functions
May 8 Bok Sik Yoon
(Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea & Georgia Tech)
QN-GPH Method for Sojourn Time Distributions in General Queueing Networks
May 15 Jan Rosinski
(University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Problems of unitary representations arising in the study of stable processes
May 22 Robert Cooper
(Florida Atlantic University)
Polling Models and Vacation Models in Queueing Theory: Some Interesting and Surprising Stuff
May 29 Takis Konstantopoulos
(University of Texas, Austin)
Distributional Approximations of Processes, Queues and Networks under Long-Range Dependence Assumptions
June 5 Alan F. Karr
(National Institute of Statistical Sciences)
Does Code Decay?

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Unless otherwise noted, the seminar meets Thursdays at 3 PM in Skiles, Room 140. For further information, contact Jim Dai ( or Richard Serfozo (

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