Probability Seminar

Fall 1997 - Winter 1998 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
Sept 25 Ted Hill
(Georgia Tech)
Five corollaries in need of a theorem
Oct 2 Jim Dai
(Georgia Tech)
Queueing networks in heavy traffic: current status
Oct 9 Rafal Latala
(Georgia Tech and Warsaw University)
Estimation of moments of sums of independent random variables
Oct 16 Miguel Arcones
(University of Texas, Austin)
Limit theorems under long range dependence conditions
Oct 23 Michael Maxwell
(Georgia Tech)
A central limit theorem for Markov chains
Oct 30 Don McNickle
(University of Canterbury)
Two applications of Queueing Theory
Nov 6 Prasad Tetali
(Georgia Tech)
A survey of results on the hard-core lattice gas model
Nov 13 Bob Foley
(Georgia Tech)
Join the shortest queue: stability and exact asymptotics
Nov 20 Ron Fox
(Georgia Tech)
Rectified Brownian Movement in Molecular and Cell Biology
Dec 4 Christian Houdre
(Georgia Tech)
Some Jackknife--Based Deviation Inequalities
Jan 15 Bartek Blaszczyszyn
(University of Wroclaw)
Factorial Moment Expansion for Functionals of Point Processes With Application to Approximations of Stochastic Models
Jan 22 David McDonald
(University of Ottawa)
Do birds of a feather flock together? (Testing for a nonhomogeneous Poisson process)
Jan 29 John Elton
(Georgia Tech, Math)
Convex Domination of Probability Measures
Feb 5 Y. L. Tong
(Georgia Tech, Math)
The Role of the Covariance Matrix in the Least-Squares Estimation for a Common Mean
Feb 12 Carlangelo Liverani
(University of Rome, Italy)
Central Limit Theorem for Dynamical Systems
Feb 19 Philippe Barbe
(Math, Georgia Tech and CNRS, France)
A Sharp Petrov Type Large Deviation Formula
Feb 26 Tito Manlio Homem de Mello
(ISyE, Georgia Tech)
Estimation of Derivatives of Nonsmooth Performance Measures in Regenerative Systems
Mar 5 Sergey Bobkov
(Math, Georgia Tech)
Log-Sobolev Inequality for Poisson Measure and its Application to Large Deviations
Mar 12 Soren Asmussen
(Lund University)
Large Deviations Type Results in the Presence of Heavy Tails
Mar 19 Sabine Schlegel
(University of Ulm)
Ruin Probabilities in Perturbed Risk Models
Apr 2 Daryl J. Dayley
(School of Math Sciences, Australian National University)
Long Range Dependence of Point Processes
Apr 9 Dick Serfozo
(ISyE, Georgia Tech)
Departure Processes in Long Tandem and Treelike Networks are Asymptotically Poisson
Apr 16 Carl Spruill
(Math, Georgia Tech)
Asymptotically Optimal Designs for Testing in Logistic Regression
Apr 23 Otis Jennings
(ISyE, Georgia Tech)
Stability of ell-Limited Polling Policy
Apr 30 Lisa Bloomer
(Math, Georgia Tech)
Constructing Natural Random Probability Measures

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Unless otherwise noted, the seminar meets Thursdays at 3 PM in Skiles, Room 269. For further information, contact Jim Dai ( or Richard Serfozo (

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