First Annual Southeastern Probability Days

September 29 & 30, 1995

Second Announcement

Center for Applied Probability Georgia Tech

DEADLINE: Monday, September 18, 1995

We are trying to inaugurate an annual meeting of probabilists (loosely
defined) in the Southeast, and if you think this would be a good
tradition to have, it would help considerably to have as many
participants as possible this year.

The keynote speaker this year will be Larry Shepp of Bell Lab who will
give two talks on "Tomography as an Application of Probability" at 2
pm on Friday, and "Some Diffusions arising on Graphs" at 10 am

The conference will be loosely structured, with opportunities for
contributed talks and open problem sessions.  The main objective is to
make/renew contacts and exchange ideas.

Please encourage colleagues and graduate students to respond as soon
as possible, to Lorraine Shaw at

(fax)  (404) 894-2301.

NOTE:  Expenses/Honoraria of $100/person will be given to out-of-town
participants as long as funds last, so please register soon.

%If you plan to attend please send the info in this block
\Name{Robert D. Foley}
\Affiliation{Georgia Tech}
\Address{Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering \\
Georgia Tech \\
Atlanta, GA  30332}

%If you wish to give a paper please include the following type of info
\Title{Conditions for finite moments of waiting times in G/G/1 queues}
\Coauthor(s){Daryl J. Daley, Tomasz Rolski}
\Abstract{We find conditions for the $E(W^\gamma)$ to be finite in a 
$G/G/1$  queue.}

We plan to have several short contributed paper sessions, and several
OPEN PROBLEM SESSIONS, so please bring your favorite problems.

If you are interested in applied probability and would like to
subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) the CAP mailing list, please
send an e-letter to 
with a subject line containing "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" (without 
quotes, of course).  Future information about the conference will be 
broadcast to the CAP mailing list.  Please tell your colleagues about 
both the CAP mailing list and the Southeastern Probability Days in
case they are not yet on the CAP mailing list.