Bayesian Philosophy

  • Jim Berger's recent papers.
  • Jose Bernardo's Tract on Bayesian Statistics.
  • A few words from D. Lindley: The appreciation of tea and wine.
  • A nice article by Robert Matthews: Bayesian Critique of Statistics in Health: The Great Health Hoax. Robert's essay is written in a non-formal language but describes very true and serous fallacies of classical statistics.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Entry on Bayesian Epistemiology
  • About Jaynes . Links of Larry Bretthorst at Washington University.
  • From the other camp - Brad Efron's famous tract: Why Isn't Everyone a Bayesian with a few interesting responses. Times changed from the time when this article was written (1986).
  • Pragmatic (and eclectic) point of view by Chris Chatfield from University of Bath.
  • A few Bayesians among Economists, or vice versa: History of Economic Thought. L. Savage, Ramsey, De Finetti, ..., even the Reverend himself.
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