ISyE 6340 G: Seminar on Global Supply Chains

Class meetings

Mondays and Wednesdays 10:00—11:30AM in Room 228 of the ISyE Main Building. Occasionally class will run past 12:00pm. Site visits will typically start earlier and run later, depending on the distance to be traveled. (There may be one or two trips that do not return until mid-afternoon; in those cases I will coordinate with other MS SCE professors.) You can count on the departure time for a site visit, but the return time is just an estimate.

Check the class calendar often as it may be revised on short notice.


Professor J. Bartholdi and P. Viehweg, Room 346 of the Groseclose Building.


The class is organized around tours of facilities that play key roles in supply chains. Additional class meetings will be devoted to seminars by industry professionals or academic researchers.

What is expected

Each student is expected to attend every class (unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructors); to participate intensely in the tours and class discussions; and to remain current in supplementary reading.

Grading will be based primarily on class participation, with special attention paid to insightful comments or questions. If you say nothing in class, you can expect a grade of C or worse.

There may be short unannounced quizzes on current reading and recent site visits.

Site visits

It is very important that you be punctual for all events, but especially for site visits, which will depart ruthlessly on schedule. The loading point for the bus will be the corner of Hemphill Ave. and 8th Street, in front of the Crecine Apartments.

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You may not travel separately to the site unless you have made prior arrangements with the instructors.

All of the sites we will visit are workplaces and appropriate dress is business casual. Furthermore, many of these are industrial sites and safety is a concern. Do not wear sandals or open-toed shoes, shoes with heels more than one inch high, or hoodies. Do not wear dangling clothing, such as scarves, or dangling jewelry. If you have long hair, put it up above your shoulders. Students not meeting the dress requirements will not be allowed to join the tour.

Bring a photo ID, a notepad, pen, and camera (but take no pictures until we have asked permission). Leave backpacks, purses, coats, etc. on the bus.


The following reading/viewing will be assigned to coordinate with class topics.