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Alan Porter

Alan L. Porter's major concentration is technology forecasting and assessment. He received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Caltech (1967) and a PhD in Engineering Psychology from UCLA (1972). He served on the University of Washington faculty through 1974. In 1975 he joined the School of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech, where he now serves as Professor Emeritus. He also is Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and co-directs the Technology Policy and Assessment Center at Georgia Tech.

Dr. Porter has taught short courses on Analysis of Emerging Technologies, Competitive Technological Intelligence, and Technology Forecasting & Assessment at Georgia Tech, various IBM locations, and in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and Botswana. He has authored some 160 professional publications, including the following books (as author or co-author, editor or co-editor):

- A Guidebook for Technology Assessment and Impact Analysis, 1980
- Science, Technology, and National Policy, 1981
- Integrated Impact Assessment, 1983
- The Impact of Office Automation on Clerical Employment, 1985-2000, 1985
- Methods and Experiences in Impact Assessment, 1986
- Interdisciplinary Analysis and Research, 1986
- Impact Assessment Today, 1986
- International Impact Assessment (special issue of the Impact Assessment Bulletin), 1987
- Forecasting and Management of Technology, 1991
- Environmental Methods Review, 1998
- The Information Revolution: Current and Future Consequences.

Current interests focus on computer-aided exploration of information in electronic Science & Technology databases. This "text mining" is used to profile research domains, determine competitor emphases, and generate "innovation indicators." Rapid profiling of thousands of abstract records on R&D activity can be performed in one day.

Recent projects include High Tech Indicators of national competitiveness (National Science Foundation); Ways to enhance utilization of technology analyses (NSF; Center for Innovation Management Studies); and Technology Opportunities Analysis (DARPA, U.S. Army).

Dr. Porter is Associate Editor for Technology Analysis & Strategic Management. He co-founded the International Association for Impact Assessment and served it variously as editor of the Impact Assessment Bulletin, Secretary, Executive Director, and President (1995-96).

Further information on his research can be found at:

Office: Habersham Building, Rm305
Phone: (404)894-2330