PhD/MS students

Graduate students supported by the center engage in various projects that are of interest to our health systems leaders. Selected projects include reducing medication errors, optimal care delivery, and health information technology. Working closely with our industrial leaders, the students map out process flows, perform time-motion studies, design systems models, perform experiments, validation, and sensitivity analysis, and implement decision support systems to provide recommendations and solution strategies to reach the objectives of the projects.

Research experience for undergraduate/graduate students

Hands-on research experience in healthcare can help students appreciate the complexity of problems arising from healthcare and medicine domain and gain experience through collaborative investigation. It can prepare them for future career in healthcare domain. Each year, joint with the Center for Operations Research in Medicine and Healthcare, CHOT sponsors several projects that involves students in ongoing healthcare research projects.

2013 participants

  • Predicting Hospital Readmission
  • Henry Zhu
    Huaiyang Zhong

  • Reducing Hospital Acquired Conditions
  • Laura H. Barg-Walkow (MS Student)
    Michael Callahan (MS Student)
    Peter Evan Volgas (MS Student)

  • Balancing the Workflow of the Cardiovascular Imaging Research Core
  • Cory Girard
    Rohit Reddy VanGala
    Tianju Luo

  • ED Workflow Analysis, Observation Units, and Systems Redesign
  • Benjamin Cleveland (MS Student)
    Jelece Morris (MS Student)
    Pramit Sengupta (MS Student)

  • Predictive Health
  • Carlo Davila Payan (PhD Student)
    Kun Li (MS Student)
    Shwetha Devanagondi (MS Student)
    Yuan Wang (PhD Student)

  • Reducing Surgical Site Infection
  • Bo Sun (MS Stuent)
    Edison Thomaz (PhD Student)

  • Global Health: Optimizing Scarce Healthcare Resources
  • Craig McIntyre (MS Student)

    2012 participants

  • Reducing Surgical Infection Rate for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft(CABG) Patients
  • Anirudha Mididoddi (High School)
    Ankit Agarwal (MS Student)
    Ismail C. Tufekci
    Ling Ling (MS Student)
    Setareh Borjian Boroujeni (PhD Student)
    Siddhartha Penakalapati
    Wei Sun (MS Student)

  • Target Dose Delivery for Diabetes Treatment
  • Hannah Zhang
    Ruilin Zhou (PhD student)
    Tiffany Formby
    Wei Qin

  • SSI Infection Reduction for Colon & Hysterectomy Procedures
  • Brandon Gardiner
    Catherine Aslinger
    Hansol Lee
    Lubna Rashid

  • Designing Optimal Meals for Healthy Living
  • Bo Sun (MS Student)
    Elizabeth Alankara
    Hyun-Suk Lee
    James A. Cika Jr.

    2011 participants
    Undergraduate/master students

  • Strategies to Improve Timeliness of Care and Efficiency in Critical Care Units
  • Kevin Morgan
    Matthew Hagen (PhD Student)
    Peng Tang (PhD Student)

  • Pediatric Cardiac Care: Analysis of Process and Practice Variance
  • Kevin Yee (MS student)
    Phillip Choi
    Rapheepong (Karan) Ghai
    Ruilin Zhou (PhD Student)
    Yang "Anna" Yang (PhD student)

  • Systems Analysis of OR Operations
  • Brandon McClure
    Daniel Grant (MS student)
    Huanan "Robert" Zhang
    Jueru "Stella" Wang
    Ruichen "Ray" Sun

  • Reduction of Medication Errors in Pharmacies
  • Brandon McClure
    Dami Aladesanmi (HS student)
    Daniel Grant (MS student)
    Huanan "Robert" Zhang
    Jueru "Stella" Wang
    Ruichen "Ray" Sun
    Ten-Nien "Sam" Wu

    2010 participants
    Undergraduate/master students

  • Modeling and Optimizing ED Workflow
  • Amanda Widmaier (MS Student)
    Colby Allen
    Doug Meagh
    Jeff Phillips
    Saloua Lahlou (MS Student)

  • Analyzing Medicaid Services and Patient Flow
  • Alana Clooten (MS Student)
    Brad Strickland
    Morgan Doty
    Rikhav Parikh
    Travis Baer

  • Dynamic OR scheduling and Service Prediction
  • Brian King
    Rohit Kohli
    Sai Chirala
    Tong Wu

  • Evaluating and Building a Decision Support System for Trauma Care
  • Brett Labrecque (MS Student)
    David Capizzani
    Frank Sharpe
    Meghan Martinez
    Mel Restori

  • Analyzing Care Characteristics and predicting Patients Readmission in a Pediatric Hospital
  • Ava Madigan
    Fan Yuan (PhD student)
    Matthew Walker
    Miguel Pajares

  • Reducing Medication Errors: Pharmacy
  • Katie Baronowski
    Katie Millspaugh
    Lauren Calvert (MS student)
    Paul McCrory
    Tejas Mallajosyula

    2009 participants
    Undergraduate/master students

  • Reducing Medication Errors
  • Acelyn Barlaan
    Deniz Cinalioglu (PhD student)
    Kathleen Schneck
    Niquelle Brown
    Stephanie Boylan
    Sudhan Chinnappan (MS student)
    Travis Hotchkiss

  • Optimal Care Delivery
  • Denis Masse (MS student)
    Jeffrey Gibbs
    Munir Pathak
    Randy Darnowsky
    Wonki Kim (PhD student)

  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Anna Yang (PhD student)
    Ashwin Raghunathan (MS student)
    David Gass (MS student)
    Hyo Jung Kang (MS student)
    Karan Uppal (PhD student)

  • Optimal Meal Design
  • Cody Stanley
    Devika Dhir
    Khaled Jafar
    Lakshmi Ganesan (MS student)
    Wei Lin (MS student)

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Anita Gajjala (MS student)
    Janae Holmes
    Lesley-Anne Harris
    Nikhil Bumb (MS student)
    Shayna Brownstein

  • Alert Management
  • Amanda Mejia (PhD student)
    Gianender Khanna
    Matt Sheffield
    Muhammad Yadudu
    Prashastha Vaidyula