Bayesian Links


  • List of pepole who declare themselves as Bayesians. By region and by last name.
  • A bank of preprints and manyscripts on MCMC at University of Cambridge Statistical Laboratory. Maintained by Steve Brooks.
  • ISBA International Society for Bayesian Analysis. Become a member !
  • Bayesian Model Averaging Page maintained by Chris Volinsky.
  • BIPS by Tom Loredo.

  • Selected Departments

  • Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences at Duke University: ISDS.
  • CMU's Statistics.
  • BioStatistics and Applied Mathematics at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.
  • Statistics at University of Washington.

    Some Bayesian Course/Research Pages

  • Brad Carlin's Home Page with links to various goodies. Check his teaching page with Spatial Biostatistics and links to BRugs -- calling WinBUGS from R.
  • Francesca Dominici's Bayesian Course at Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University.
  • Peter Lee's Home Page as a Bayesian Resource.
  • Steffen Lauritzen's Home Page with recent preprints, conference slides and other information. Check state-of-art BNET's and status of gR project!
  • Elizabeth Slate and Bayesian Biostatistics at MUSC.
  • Prem Goel and Advanced Bayesian Modling and Analysis at OSU.
  • Jim Albert's Page with Bayesian Ordinal Modeling goodies!
  • David Madigan's Bayesian Data Analysis at Rutgers.
  • WinBUGS course by Gillian Raab.
  • Gary Rosner and Peter Mueller's Course STAT422
  • Renate Meyer's Course STATS731 at The University of Auckland.
  • Joe Ibrahim's course on Bayesian Methods in Biostatistics
  • Simon Jackman's Resource for Social Scientists on MCMC Methodology. DPS Stanford
  • Joseph G. Ibrahim, Ming-Hui Chen, and Debajyoti Sinha Bayesian Survival Analysis, the book page
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Bayes Page . Nice Course slides by Don Berry.
  • BIG in Australia.
  • Bayesian Group at Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik. Applications galore.
  • Judea Pearl and the latest on Causal Reasoning.
  • Russell Greiner's Page on Bayes Belief Nets
  • Norman Fenton's Pages on Bayes Belief Nets

  • Last Updated: October, 2004.
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