Flexibility Structure Analyzer Help

Menu Functions


Clicking this button will bring you to the import page. This page allows you to import a previously design structure. The import tool uses a CVS format where each line or lines represent a different part of your structure with values separated by commas. By default, you will see a sample structure with predefined values.

The following is the format for the import tool:
Line 1: Number of tasks in the system
Line 2: Number of servers in the system (m)
Line 3: Arrival rates of each task
Line 4 to 4 + m: matrix of processing rates for each server. Each row represents a different server. Each column represents a different task.
Line 4 + m + 1 to 4 + 2m: matrix representing server training: 1 for trained, 0 for untrained.

Add/Remove Task

Adds or removes a task from the system. Removing a task will remove either the selected task if it exists or the last numbered task on the list. The remaining tasks will be renumbered accordingly. Adding a task will place it on the highest space available.

Add/Remove Server

Adds or removes a server from the system. Removing a server will remove either the selected server if it exists or the last numbered server on the list. The remaining servers will be renumbered accordingly. Adding a server will place it in the highest space available.

Set Rate

The set rate function allows you to make blanket changes to various values in the system. Selecting all tasks and all servers will change all the arrival and processing rates, respectively. Selecting a specific row or column will allow you change all the processing rates for a particular server or a task determined by the specified number (grayed out if all tasks or all servers are selected).


Similar to set rate, either trains or un-trains either every server-task combination or a particular server or task.

Move Selection

Moves the selected server or task up and down. Keyboard shortcuts are recommended for this.


Submits your structure. Results will be displayed in the bottom half of the window.

Export CSV

Once you submitted your structure, you will see the above as part of the output result. To save/export your structure for future use, click on the “Export CSV” link and a new page will open
This page contains all the data that the tool needs for importing your structure (see Import). Simply copy all data from this page into a text file and these data can be used for importing your structure back into the tool in the future.

LP File

If you are interested in the LP file that was generated by the tool for your structure (e.g., for future use in CPLEX), click on the “LP file” link and a new page that contains the LP that was generated by the tool will appear. Please note that the format of the LP file follows the LP file format for the IBM CPLEX solver.

Multi-selection Training

To set a particular processing/arrival rate for your structure, just simply modify the particular input box you wish to change to the rate you want. Please note that the tool can take floating point numbers.

Toggle Menu

To hide the menu, press the “hide menu” button and the full menu will shrink down to just 2 buttons. To get the full menu again, just simply press the “menu” button from the sub menu

Clear Structure

This clears the structure. Note that this action cannot be undone..


Key Action
c Unselect everything
esc Clear structure
Enter Submit structure
, Move selected task up
. Move selected task down
[ Move selected server up
] Move selected server down
9 Remove either last or selected task
0 Add task
- Remove either last or selected server
= Add server
m Toggle menu
t Train all combinations
u Untrain all combinations
Ctrl/Shift Multi-selection training