Flexibility Structure Analyzer

Team Leads: Sigrún Andradóttir, Hayriye Ayhan, Douglas G Down

Student Contributors: Matt Fielding, Edward Peng, and Alvin Poon


The Flexibility Structure Analyzer is a web-based tool that allows people who wish to design a flexible system to check and verify whether their designed system's structure is as efficient or robust as a fully flexible system and to compare it with systems. Thus, the analyzer not only provides a quick way for users to check their designed flexible systems, but also facilitates the design process.

Instructions for Entering a Flexibility Structure

In the figure below, the tasks are shown on the left and the servers on the right. To indicate that a server is trained for a particular task, click on the server (the node will turn red) and then the task. An arc will appear between the server and task, indicating that this capability has been added (clicking on the task first then the server also works). To remove a server capability, click on the server and then the task (or vice versa), and the arc between them will disapear.