Supplementary material

These materials are provided by the Supply Chain & Logistics Institute at the Georgia Institute of Technology. You are welcome to use them so long as the copyrights remain intact, credit for authorship is acknowledged, and nothing is resold at profit.

Computational tools

The following software tools for warehouse design and analysis have all been used in industry projects.

Homework solutions

If you would like a teacher's edition that includes answers to selected questions, write to John (dot) Bartholdi (at) Teachers only, please.

Class projects

Small projects
These are well-defined questions for which solution techniques are covered in the text and software tools are provided. They are suitable for 1- or 2-week class assignments. The data has been scrubbed and most inconsistencies resolved.
Large projects
These are projects for companies, undertaken by Georgia Tech classes. They include work in layout and process redesign, greenfield design, and algorithm development. These projects were done by multi-person teams over the course of a semester (16 weeks). The data is as we received it and so in need of sanitizing. These projects generally do not have a single right answer but rather provide opportunities for exploration.

Tour some warehouses

Photos and text, videos

Also see videos.

Logistics in the news

Resources keyed to chapters

  1. Warehouse equipment
  2. Unit-load (pallet) operations
  3. Design of a forward-pick area for small parts
  4. Order-picking by bucket brigades (flow)
  5. Pick-path optimization (routing)
  6. Crossdocking (sorting)
  7. Warehouse activity profiling
  8. Sortation

Other sources of information

News, amusements