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ISyE 6335, “Supply Chain Engineering 1” is one of the courses in the masters degree program in supply chain engineering at the School of [Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

This class emphasizes preparing students to begin work immediately after graduation (rather than to enter a PhD program). While we will use computer and mathematical models, they will be treated as means to an end, rather than as the primary topic of interest. We will focus on solving industry problems. There will be occasional visits to the class by speakers from industry, and we will work on a project for a client.

ISyE 6335 class organization

Here are the textbook and course calendar, with schedule of topics and assignments.

We will meet twice a week for lecture and discussion: Monday and Wednesday 1:35–2:55 PM in Room 110 of the Civil Engineering “Allen Sustainable Education Building”.

Your grade will be based on the following.

For those on the cusp of the next higher grade I may award a small amount of extra credit for insightful class participation, assigned homework, extraordinary performance on the project, etc.

The grading scale will be no stricter than this: A = 90% or higher; B = at least 80% but below 90%; C = at least 70% but below 80%; D = at least 50% but below 70%; F = below 50%.


There will be no make-up quizzes. If you miss any single quiz, your other scores will be averaged to compensate (so that each counts 4/3 x 10 percent). If you miss two or more quizzes, you will receive a grade of “Unsatisfactory” for the course. Every quiz that you turn in will be graded and counts towards your course grade. You may not choose to drop a previously submitted quiz. All assigned reading and everything discussed in class is testable material, as are the lectures of visiting speakers and the presentations of final projects. All quizzes are cumulative, but generally with emphasis on the most recent material.

Quizzes will be held during the last 30–45 minutes of class. All questions will have short answers and little computation. They will emphasize understanding the models.

You may bring one 3-inch by 5-inch index card to each quiz, with anything you like written on it. You may use both sides. (Here is an example.

When the quiz is declared over, cease writing immediately and turn in your paper. No exams will be submitted after I leave the classroom.

If you think there has been a mistake in the grading of your quiz, write a detailed defense plus what you think should be done to rectify the mistake. Staple this to the top of the quiz and return it to the Teaching Assistant within one week after graded quizzes have been returned.


Homework will be assigned and collected. The Teaching Assistant will be happy to give you hints on any homework problem, but he/she will not give out answers (other than to confirm your work).


The Teaching Assistant for August-December 2016 is Shenwen WU, whom you can reach at swu326 AT gatech DOT edu. The TA will hold during office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00–4:00pm. This will generally be in Room 304 of the Groseclose building – but only if you have emailed in advance to set up a meeting. See the TA first for help on homework, tests, or projects. Note that the TA is unusually popular immediately before homework is due or quizzes are scheduled so get your questions resolved early.

ISyE 6335 course instructor

Professor John J. BARTHOLDI, III
Room 346 Groseclose Building
phone: (+1) 404 894 3036,
email: John DOT Bartholdi AT