Class calendar for ISyE 6335, August-December 2017

Tentative class schedule. (“TBA” = “To Be Announced”). Video students will be one week behind this schedule.
Date Topic Notes
Aug 22 Role of the warehouse in the supply chain Read chapters 1–5 in the textbook. Begin Homework 1
Aug 24 Warehousing basics, terminology No class: I will be at GT Panama but will distribute a video lecture by the weekend. In the meantime, finish the reading assignment from 8/22; read about pallets; take some warehouse tours.
Aug 29 Types of warehouses and equipment Read chapter in text book. Homework 1 due. Begin Homework 2.
Aug 31 Project Kickoff Guest speaker: Miguel Martinez, ScanTech Sciences
Sep 05 How to design a warehouse (slides) Guest speaker: Dean Starovasnik, Peachstate Integrated Technologies
Sep 07 Warehouse Activity Profiling Read chapter in text book.
Sep 12 GT Career Fair postponed to 9/18, 19 No class: GT closed because of Hurricane Irma
Sep 14 Designing a unit-load area No class: Will make video lecture available to all. Read Chapter 6 of textbook. Homework 2 due. Begin Homework 3.
Sep 19 GT Career Fair No class: Good luck in the job search.
Sep 21 More on unit-load Finish Chapter 6. Homework 3 due.
Sep 26 Supply chains for perishables: The case of blueberries from Peru Guest speaker: Edgar Ramos, Professor, University of Applied Sciences, Lima, Peru
Sep 28 Quiz 1, on all class material through unit-load Example: solutions, distribution of scores
Oct 03 Designing a case-pick area Read Chapter 7. Begin Homework 4.
Oct 05 More on case-picking Finish Chapter 7
Oct 10 Fall Recess No class: Official GT holiday
Oct 12 Initial team meetings No class: Project teams meet and examine project data.
Oct 17 Designing a piece-pick area Chapter 8 in textbook. Homework 4 due. Begin Homework 5.
Oct 19 More on designing a piece-pick area Finish Chapter 8
Oct 24 Quiz 2, on all class material to date Example: solutions, distribution of scores.
Oct 26 Order-picking: routing Read chapter 10 in textbook.
Oct 31 Project discussion Focus on SKUs. Homework 5 due.
Nov 02 Order-picking: Flow and balance In class simulation of various order-picking strategies. Download project pick lists and begin answering questions about customer orders.
Nov 07 Industry project Presentations, class discussion
Nov 09 Order picking: Flow and balance Read Chapter 10 and this.
Nov 14 Industry project Presentations, class discussion
Nov 16 Inventory accuracy (slides)
Nov 21 Industry project Presentations, class discussion
Nov 23 Thanksgiving Holiday No class: Official GT holiday
Nov 28 Industry project Presentations, class discussion
Nov 30 TBA
Dec 05 Industry project Presentations, class discussion

Additional short topics to be scheduled: inventory accuracy, pallet building, cubing, humanitarian warehousing