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Warehouse & Distribution Science: The book

This is a book-in-progress. We are still revising and extending this text and suggest you print only what you need as you need it.

Latest release: version 0.96

Released 17 August 2014; 3.8 MB; pdf format, requires Adobe Reader, version 9.0 or later.


Teachers: Contact us for a teacher's edition that includes solutions to the exercises. Meanwhile, here are most of the figures from the book: ppt (4.0MB) or key (9.3MB) format. Also, Prof. Renee Butler has kindly offered to share the ppt slides (9MB) she used in a recent course.

Check the errata for known errors. And please report any errors you find.

Check also this supplementary material, which includes warehouse visualization and optimization software, warehouse tours, class projects, order-picking by bucket brigade, links to other resources, and more.