Alejandro Toriello

Assistant Professor
H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
765 Ferst Drive NW
Atlanta, GA 30332

Office: Groseclose 427
atoriello at isye dot gatech dot edu

About me

I am an assistant professor in Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech. I am interested in the theory and applications of supply chain and logistics models primarily involving transportation and inventory decisions, and in related optimization topics. The methodologies I use to study these problems include linear, mixed-integer and dynamic programming.

My CV. (Last updated June 11, 2016.)


Submitted or Under Review

  1. A. Torrico*, S. Ahmed and A. Toriello. A Polyhedral Approach to Online Bipartite Matching. Submitted 2016.

    Conference version in IPCO 2016.

  2. D. Reyes*, M. Savelsbergh, A. Toriello. Vehicle Routing with Roaming Delivery Locations. Submitted 2015.

  3. R. Fukasawa, A. Sapucaia Barboza, A. Toriello. A Comparison of Bounds for the Traveling Salesman Problem. Working paper, 2015.

    An earlier proof of Theorem 3 appeared in the working paper Equivalence of an Approximate Linear Programming Bound with the Held-Karp Bound for the Traveling Salesman Problem.

  4. A. Toriello and N.A. Uhan. Dynamic Linear Programming Games with Risk-Averse Players. Submitted 2015.

Published or Accepted

  1. D. Blado*, W. Hu*, A. Toriello. Semi-Infinite Relaxations for the Dynamic Knapsack Problem with Stochastic Item Sizes. To appear in SIAM Journal on Optimization, 2016.

  2. W. Hu*, M.S. Lavieri, A. Toriello and X. Liu. Strategic Health Workforce Planning. To appear in IIE Transactions, 2016.

    Honorable Mention, INFORMS SPPSN Best Paper Award, 2013.

  3. J. Woodruff, W.B. Haskell and A. Toriello. Optimized Financial Systems Helps Customers Meet their Personal Finance Goals with Optimization. To appear in Interfaces, 2016.

  4. A. Torrico*, S. Ahmed and A. Toriello. A Polyhedral Approach to Online Bipartite Matching. Proceedings of the 18th Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization, IPCO 2016. Springer, 287-299, 2016.

  5. G.J. Schell, M.S. Lavieri, F. Jankovic, X. Li, A. Toriello, K.K. Martyn and G.L. Freed. Strategic Modeling of the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Workforce. To appear in Nursing Outlook, 2016.

  6. M. Klapp*, A.L. Erera and A.Toriello. The One-Dimensional Dynamic Dispatch Waves Problem. To appear in Transportation Science, 2015.

  7. L. Rademacher, A. Toriello and J.P. Vielma. On Packing and Covering Polyhedra in Infinite Dimensions. Operations Research Letters. 44:225-230, 2016.

  8. G.J. Schell, X. Li, M.S. Lavieri, A. Toriello, K.K. Martyn and G.L. Freed. Strategic Modeling of the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Workforce: How Policy Changes Can Yield Self-Sufficiency. Pediatrics. 135:298-306, 2015.

  9. A. Toriello, W.B. Haskell and M. Poremba*. A Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem with Stochastic Arc Costs. Operations Research. 62:1107-1125, 2014.

  10. C. Nguyen*, M. Dessouky and A. Toriello. Consolidation Strategies for the Delivery of Perishable Products. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review. 69:108-121, 2014.

  11. A. Toriello. Optimal Toll Design: A Lower Bound Framework for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem. Mathematical Programming. 144:247-264, 2014.

  12. A. Toriello and N.A. Uhan. Dynamic Cost Allocation for Economic Lot Sizing Games. Operations Research Letters. 42:82-84, 2014.

  13. A. Toriello and N.A. Uhan. On Traveling Salesman Games with Asymmetric Costs. Operations Research, 61:1429-1434, 2013. (Technical note.)

  14. C. Nguyen*, A. Toriello, M. Dessouky and J. Moore. Evaluation of Transportation Practices in the California Cut Flower Industry. Interfaces. 43:182-193, 2013.

  15. D. Papageorgiou, A. Toriello, G. Nemhauser and M. Savelsbergh. Fixed-Charge Transportation with Product Blending. Transportation Science. 46:281-295, 2012.

  16. A. Toriello and J.P. Vielma. Fitting a Continuous Piecewise Linear Function. European Journal of Operational Research. 219:86-95, 2012.

  17. A. Toriello and G. Nemhauser. The Value Function of an Infinite-Horizon Single-Item Lot-Sizing Problem. Operations Research Letters. 40:12-14, 2012.

  18. A. Toriello, G. Nemhauser and M. Savelsbergh. Decomposing Inventory Routing Problems with Approximate Value Functions. Naval Research Logistics. 57:718-727, 2010.

  19. F. Kılınç-Karzan, A. Toriello, S. Ahmed, G. Nemhauser and M. Savelsbergh. Approximating the Stability Region for Binary Mixed-Integer Programs. Operations Research Letters. 37:250-254, 2009.


  1. A. Toriello. Time Decomposition of Multi-Period Supply Chain Models. Ph.D. Thesis. Georgia Institute of Technology, December 2010.

  2. A. Toriello. A Brief Lecture on Submodular Functions.

* Indicates supervised student co-author.

Recent/Upcoming Presentations

Other Activities


ISyE 3103 - Supply Chain Modeling: Logistics

ISyE 3133 - Engineering Optimization

ISyE 4301 - Supply Chain Economics

ISyE 7203 - Logistics Systems Engineering

ISE 330 - Introduction to Operations Research: Deterministic Models (USC)

ISE 532 - Network Flows (USC)


Shabbir Ahmed, Christiane Barz, Maged Dessouky, Alan Erera, Ricardo Fukasawa, Will Haskell, Fatma Kılınç-Karzan, Mariel Lavieri, Jim Moore, George Nemhauser, Christine Nguyen, Dimitri Papageorgiou, Luis Rademacher, Martin Savelsbergh, Nelson Uhan, Juan Pablo Vielma, Joshua Woodruff.