The Industrial and Technology Statistics Center was formed in 1994 to aid in providing statistical expertise to the Georgia Tech community in the areas of education, research, and operations. The Center has assisted graduate students and faculty from various schools in the College of Engineering, Ivan Allen College, and the College of Management with data analysis, design of experiments, and statistical model building. Application areas are extremely diverse. The Center has also responded to requests from Georgia Tech administrators for assistance in the analysis of data and in the development of applied statistics programs to meet the needs of various engineering disciplines. In addition, aid in developing systems to monitor research reporting performance and developing information technology services are provided

The Industrial and Technology Statistics Center also maintains a library of research texts, reference books, periodicals (including Technometrics, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Annals of Statistics, and Journal of Quality Technology), and statistical software.

The Industrial and Technology Statistics Group is a part of the Industrial and Systems Engineering School at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Please contact the statistics group with questions or comments about the web site or its contents.