The ISyE Statistics Group, led by Professor Jeff Wu, aids in providing statistical expertise to the Georgia Tech community in the areas of education, research, and operations. The strength of the Statistics Group is based on the truly distinguished faculty members who are among the most prestigious in the nation, receiving numerous grants from the National Science Foundation and from companies.

Pictured here: Seated, left tor right: Professors Kobi Abayomi, Jeff Wu, Anton Kleywegt, and Roshan Vengazhiyil. Standing, left to right: Professors Jye-Chyi Lu, Paul Kvam, Yajun Mei, Kwok-Leung Tsui, Nicoleta Serban, Ming Yuan, Vladmir Koltchinski, and Xiaoming Huo.
  • Kobi Abayomi - Statistics/Measures of Association and Dependence, (Fixed Marginal) Multivariate Distributions, Environmental Statistics, Environmental Economics.
  • Nagi Gebraeel - Sensor-Based Prognostics, Degradation Modeling, and Engineering Reliability
  • Dave Goldsman - Comparisons via stochastic simulation; Statistical ranking and selection
  • Xiaoming Huo - Multiscale statistical methods, data mining.
  • Paul Kvam - Reliability; Applied engineering statistics; Nonparametric estimation
  • JC Lu - Statistics for manufacturing; Reliability; Degradation modeling
  • Yajun Mei - Change-Point problems, sequential analysis, sensor networks, biostatistics
  • Nicoleta Serban - Analysis of multiple curves and analysis of multiple peaks
  • Alex Shapiro - Mathematical programming and statistics; Sensitivity analysis
  • Kwok Tsui - Statistical quality control including SPC, design of experiments, Taguchi Method
  • Roshan Joseph Vengazhiyil - robust parameter design, process control
  • Brani Vidakovic - Multiscale methods, statistical methods in geophysics, turbulence, bayesian decision theory
  • Jeff Wu - Design and analysis of experiments, quality engineering, product/process improvement, bioinformatics
  • MingYuan - Statistical learning, bioinformatics, methods of regularization

The department of Mathematics has a joint M.S. program in statistics with ISyE. Faculty members in math whose primary research interests are in statistics include Vladimir I. Koltchinskii and Liang Peng.

The Industrial and Technology Statistics Group is a part of the Industrial and Systems Engineering School at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Please contact the statistics group with questions or comments about the web site or its contents.