Class calendar for ISyE 6340, January-April 2017

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Sites or visitors may reschedule on short notice so check this schedule frequently, and especially the morning before a site visit. Currently, the schedule is reasonably firm through January. (“TBA” = “To Be Announced”).
Date Topic Notes
Jan 09 Introduction to the class and a description of our first tour, to a Walmart Superstore. Read general articles on supply chain and begin Travels of a T-Shirt... (see course syllabus)
Jan 11 DVDs on container shipping
Jan 16 No class Georgia Tech holiday
Jan 18 IIE Career Fair: class optional DVDs on mitumba
Jan 23 Retail Visit to Walmart SuperStore. Bus departs at 0815. We expect to return by 1300.Read this and this in advance.
Jan 25 Walmart Class discussion
Jan 30 Retail: The start and the end of the travels of a t-shirt Guest speakers: Harvey Donaldson on cotton farming; and Eric Mungai on mitumba
Feb 01 Travels of a t-shirt, apparel supply chains Class discussion
Feb 06 Food supply chains Jaymie Forrest, Chief Supply Chain Officer, ScanTech Sciences
Feb 08 Manufacturing Visit to Caterpillar manufacturing plant in Athens, GA. Bus departs at 0730. We expect to return by about 1300.
Feb 13 Manufacturing Visit to HON Company. Bus departs at 0730. We expect to return around 1330h.
Feb 15 Class discussion
Feb 20 Entrepreneurship, logistics software, load-planning Dr. Bill Nulty, Scientific Logistics
Feb 22 Warehousing: Service parts Visit to MSC: The bus leaves GT at 0845, returns around 1330. (It is required that we leave all phones, purses, jackets in the bus.)
Feb 27 Issues in Supply chain IT Cy Wang, formerly of UPS
Mar 01 Warehousing: Medical Visit to Alcon DC. Bus departs at 0845h, returns by 1330h. Shoes must be lace-up, with rubber non-slip sole and must be totally enclosed in heel and toe.
Mar 06 Warehousing: Cold chain Visit to Walmart food DC. Read this in advance. Bus departs at 0815, returns by 1400. Bring photo ID, shoes with closed toes, warm clothes, and jacket (the ice-cream freezer is -30C).
Mar 08 Class discussion
Mar 13 Container shipping Stuart Sandlin, President of UASC North America. Class will extend to 1200.
Mar 15 Commercial logistics real-estate Derrick Perkins, IDI Gazely
Mar 20 No class Spring break
Mar 22 No class Spring break
Mar 27 Pharma supply chains — and update on Avantor Dr. Johan Lundin
Mar 29 Logistics hubs, trucking Page Siplon, CEO, TeamOne Logistics
Apr 03 Container shipping Visit to the Port of Savannah. Bus departs at 0730. We expect to return about 1830. (It is a 4-hour trip each way, so bring water and something to read. A boxed lunch will be served there.)
Apr 05 TBA
Apr 10 Supply chain consulting Bruce Strahan, The Progress Group
Apr 12 Amazon DC Bus departs at 0700 and we expect to return by about 1500 (2-hour trip each way). Lunch will be provided.
Apr 17 Work measurement; labor unions</td6 Prof. Ken Mericle and Prof. Don Ratliff
Apr 19 Intermodal rail Adam Lemarr, Director of Intermodal East, Norfolk Southern
Apr 24 Class discussion
Apr 26 No class Georgia Tech “reading day”