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Chen Zhou



Groseclose, Room 210

Chen Zhou, Ph.D.

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor


Chen Zhou is an Associate Professor and the Associate Chair for the undergraduate programs in the Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering. He is also the director of Beijing/Singapore Summer program and the director of Logistics in China in Supply Chain Logistic Institute. He received his PhD in Industrial Engineering in Pennsylvania State University under Prof. Richard Wysk in 1988. He received his MSME in Pennsylvania State University in 1984 and BSME in Tianjin University in China in 1982.

Current Research

Sustainable Global supply chain
Energy efficiency toward human needs in transportation and food
Warehousing and distribution design and analysis


ISyE 3104 Manufacturing and Warehousing
ISyE 4301 Supply Chain Economics
ISyE 3103 Logistics
ISyE 6201 Manufacturing Systems
ISYE 6202 Warehousing Systems

Representative Publications

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